Sunday, May 7, 2017

BUNDY TORTURE, CORRUPTION and more on "American Honor with Gordon Martin...

Former Detective Gordon Martines of "American Honor" on RBN Network discusses with me the corruption of the judicial proceedings happening in Nevada over the Bundy Trials, torture of Ammon Bundy and other prisoners, constitutional violations, and more....

Gordon Martines has successfully completed a 39 plus year career as a law enforcement officer spanning a period from 1974 to 2014, serving his community in the Hermosa Beach Police Dept., 4 years, and 36 years in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Assignments include Patrol Officer, SWAT Team Leader, Traffic Motorcycle Officer, Detective Traffic Accident Reconstructionist, Detective Bureau Fraud Section, Detective Bureau Robbery/Homicide Section.

Skills and Training; Subject matter expert For First Responder to Terrorists Bombings training, training and introduction for beginning Detective grade assignments, Forensic Hypnotist and instructor, First Responder instructor for Patrol Critical Incidents,  Field Training Officer for probationary patrol officers, subject matter expert and instructor for Robbery, Kidnap, and Extortion criminal Investigations, subject matter expert in Interrogation and Interview techniques, subject matter expert in Robbery Decoy Operations, trainer and instructor on Police Defense Tactics and weaponry, and have also conducted numerous in-service classes on Police Procedures and tactics, Police Ethics, and Bomb Investigations.

Character; Brutally honest, trustworthy, honorable and has a sincere commitment to the Oath of Law Enforcement. Belief in Honor, Justice, Truth, the Constitution, and the value of every single human life. Ran for Clark County Sheriff in 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014.

Audio's used during show:

Proof of previous CCA violations  incidents causing death to inmates and "shower" incidents:

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