Sunday, May 19, 2013

Did You Get That?

In the wake of recent events unfolding within the IRS scandal I feel it is necessary to point out that the IRS has been; and,  is currently accessing your emails, profiles, social media sites, under the guise of "Robo-Audits". While this comes to no surprise to many, there are many individuals that do not know the depth of just how intrusive the IRS and government has become. So to create awareness I have decided to write on this very thing.

According to Michael Kling at  ""  "The IRS is Seeing Everything You Do Online" states:

"I am sure people will be concerned about the use of personal information on databases in government, and those concerns are well-taken."

Anything you do or say on the Internet can be used against you in IRS enforcement actions, he stressed.

The IRS spent about $1 billion in its recent data-mining modernization.

As a result, the agency's is rolling out an effort to deploy sophisticated data-matching and pattern-recognition technology, and match up taxpayer returns with third-party information, according to U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George.

The IRS is collecting massive amounts of data, tracking Internet users' online movements, and using Social Security numbers, health records, credit card transactions and other information that private companies cannot obtain, according to U.S. News.

The IRS Criminal Tax Division has long believed that it can read your emails without a warrant, said American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Nathan Freed Wessler, citing IRS documents. The ACLU examined 247 pages of IRS records obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request to learn if the IRS obtains search warrants before reading emails, texts, and other digital communications."

So this is my not so politically correct truth!

I'm a saved, sanctified, Jesus Name, Apostolic,  God fearing, Prayer loving Patriot.

I search for truth, expose the lies, and warn of the evil before us. I support our troops and police that support their oaths. I love and have a high respect for our Veterans, and speak out against the abuses that are placed upon them by our government.

I love Children, I am Pro-Life, and will not condone MURDER. I stand for freedom, the Constitution, and for my sisters and my brothers.

I expect and demand that those in powerful positions be held to a higher standard than citizens on the street. I expect their crimes to be exposed, charges filed, arrests made, and jail time implemented for their illegal actions.

I expect those who take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States,  to know what the Constitution says, and means. I expect them to abide by their Oath.

I expect and demand the IRS, DHS, FEMA, EPA, FBI, HHS, DOE, and any other organization that takes my money to line THEIR pockets and pays their salary to IMMEDIATELY stop "harassing" "targeting" "bullying" the civilian population. You are to cease and desist targeting "Tea-Party, Christians, Constitutionalists, People against Big Government, Pro-Life, and any other political group or individual.
I expect and demand that you act and behave in a professional manner.

As my employee and NOT MY BOSS, that is a requirement of your job position. I am NOT your customer, your subject, nor your slave. I am your employeer and expect to be treated as such.

I am RED, WHITE, and BLUE through and through. My allegiance is to my country, not to some puffed up, paid off, sold out politician that wishes to destroy this country through ILLEGAL laws and bureaucratic red tape. I say this in JESUS NAME.

I expect and demand that my employee "The United States Government" stop stealing money from the poor and giving it to the rich "elite". That is called "Embezzlement" and "Larceny" both of which are felonies and punishable for prison time by law.

I expect ALL government employees whether hourly, hired, appointed, or voted in. All the way from local police departments to the President of the United States to abide by EVERY law that every citizen of the United States is subject to.

I demand that all politicians that have committed a crime and it has been proven, to be held accountable, arrested, charges filed, and no special breaks given. I demand they are never allowed employment with any government agency ever again, and not be allowed to be "re-assigned" with bonouses for their treasonous, illegal, and UN-ethical practices.

I demand that ANY Judge that has refused to do their job (no matter what level) because of political favors, or "donations" be immediately removed, arrested, charged, and tried for their crimes.

I demand answers as well as the FULL TRUTH about the following:

  • Benghazi
  •  Fast and Furious
  •  IRS
  •  AP wiretapping scandal
  •  DHS stockpiling (hollow point) ammo "which is NOT used for target practice"
  •  DHS to explain and possibly be charged for their "targets" which were of children, men, women, teenagers, and elderly citizens in their "home setting". I expect them to answer why they "specifically" requested these targets be made for them? Who ordered such targets? Were there more targets we don't know about? Why was 2 million of our dollars used to purchase targets that look like the same people who paid for them while inside their home, or in a nursery? 
  • I expect DHS to answer why it is that they are targeting faithful Americans while arming terrorists all over the world. "This is considered HIGH TREASON according to The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, and should not only be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY, but charges must be filed, and a trial for "ALL" whom support this held accountable.
  • Why is the Veteran's Administration being allowed to take away veterans Second Amendment rights without charges or trial.
  • Why when our country is so broke that we "supposedly" need to raise taxes are we sending billions over seas and paying for things like "abortion" "diamond mines" etc..?
  • Why if we are so broke do we have a President that goes on 11 million dollar vacations?
  • Why are the Christians not allowed to pray "because it's offensive" yet Muslims are allowed to pray openly and in mass?
  • Why are our great military men and women facing charges if they "share" the Word of God, which this nation was founded on, and they are required to listen to and tolerate "Islamic" teachings?
  • Why is DHS allowed and permitted to get by with "Right-wing Extremism Manual" "Extremism Training" that is given to our Army National Guard portraying everyday good people as "terrorists"?
  • Why is SPLC which affiliated and linked with ACORN allowed to make or distribute manuals for our military?
  • Why is the Department of Education allowed to re-write history under the "common core program" by telling lies. Teaching that America is a "Democracy" and not a Republic? Why are they allowing CSCOPE to portray our founding fathers as "terrorists" while promoting that "Islam" is a religion of peace? Why are they allowed to teach that Christians teach "canabolism"?
  • Why are we being "FORCED" to purchase healthcare? That is what happens to slaves. Slaves DO NOT have a choice, free men and women do. 
  • Why are you allowing one of the individuals that is a head person for "Monsanto" to be in charge of regulation "amendments" as well as FDA approvals over "Monsanto" products authorizing GMO which has been linked to horrible side effects?
  • Why are police officers all across the nation being allowed to get by with "MURDER" and not being held accountable with charges and jail time. "one week off of work is not justice for the many UN-armed individuals that have been shot in the back". 
  • Why are our "Police" who we once trusted and respected turning into "murderers, bully's, sexual predators, rapists, child molesters?
  • Why are our Senators and Congressmen on both sides allowed to pass any bill into law before they read it? They wouldn't sign a contract to buy a house without reading it, why are they allowed to play with our lives by regulating and passing laws that they have no idea what is in it. Heck it could have been a law that said "I hereby Authorize the President of the United States to "assassinate" any and all congressmen that do not agree with my plan". (I am not saying that is what happened, I am saying they would have never known, SEE THE DANGER?) It is inexcusable these actions that have been going on, passing "laws" down to the American people when you don't even know what it is. Ok, so the President says no you pass it then you can read it: that's when you say NO! If I don't read it will NOT be passed nor voted on. That simple.
The list goes on and on. I hope this "little person" has made it clear of who I am and what I stand for. Make no mistake about it, I am only one of millions that feel the same way. Sorry if this doesn't fit into your "political correctness" scheme to keep us all quiet and hinder our 1st Amendment God given right. If it does, tuff crap, get over it, grow up, and go wipe your sniveling nose somewhere else.Hypocrites is what you are. You want to be able to say,  and do anything you want. You want to be offensive to others, curse people out, and spread lies about them, while in the same breath trying to silence those that are boldly fighting for your rights as well.

To those that scream "I'm gay and proud of it" while getting upset with those that say "I'm straight and proud of it". Those of you that do that are acting like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum and running to mommy tattletaling hoping she'll fix your problem. "EX: going to government and saying, please pass a law to stop them from saying what they think. I can't handle them saying they are straight that's discrimination" What a crock. You tell government that by us saying were proud to be straight has offended your delicate sensibilities. HOW, in the world does that offend you for me or anyone else to say they are straight? I have never told anyone not to be proud of who they are. But, all be dag on if your going to make me feel bad, or apologetic for me being straight. If you can't handle that, don't worry your little head, your life will go on, just as mine does. Day to day I will continue fighting for those freedoms, so YOU can be a hypocrite. Screaming for equal rights while trying to suppress mine.

I am straight and proud of it.
I want a REAL man not a sell out.
I refuse to sell my soul to the highest bidder.
I will not sell out my children, my grandchildren, family, friends, or fellow Americans for your Greed filled, thieving, murdering globalist agenda.
I am standing for those that are too weak or unable to stand for themselves.

Standing for TRUTH and  LIFE with NO apologies.

Did you get all that?


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    1. I am glad you do :-). As always spoken from the heart. God Bless you.

  2. Nice - I didn't know you were so active. Found your author link over at Freedom Outpost and I am going to read through a few. Hope you don't mind the plug here:
    Ken Webster