Saturday, March 2, 2013

The American Way

Oh, how it's the American Way
Freedom of Speech from day to day
I go to speak about what is unjust
Oops, can't do that here
Because of government nuts

So this is a silent
No free speech zone
Will this be coming soon to our homes?

But, no matter many do say
our speech is protected the American Way
Do as I say and not as I do
Is what the governments is expecting of you

Well thank goodness our Supreme Law still stands
Protecting every child, woman, and man
Oh wait, Sorry I forgot you see
NDAA trumps Constitutionallity

No right to a trial or charges you see
just holding us prisoner indefinately
Not for a reason
No proof is a must
Just "good" intentions
To protect us

Well that's alright
And that's ok
We still have our fourth amendment
Many do say

They must have a warrant
To search through my things
That is what the Constitution does say

Oh, I forgot TSA screens
There's exceptions to this rule
Strip searching people has now become cool
But it's all good, and it's ok
Government making citizens prey

While I can still write
With pen in my hand
I show you the Constitution is being disbanned
The more we accept this treasonous way
The more lives are affected day to day

When will you stand
When will you say
Tread NOT on me this day

Americans need to unite as one
And realize what the government has done
We must stand, fight, and pray
For this is the REAL American way

One hand on a Bible
One hand on a gun
This is how America originally was won
Standing in the face of tyranny you see
Much blood was spilled for you and me

Let's stand together in a peaceful way
Raising our voices against tyranny TODAY
Opposing those stealing our Freedom's away

God Bless the REAL AMERICA!

Copyright 2013